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My Areas of Expertise Are

Niche Selection & Market Research

Website Optimization for Conversions

Traffic & Advertisement

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increase traffic to your website social media

Tip #1: Think outside the home

I see the majority of people selecting many of the same niche ideas, for example fireplaces, tables, or ceiling lamps, which is understandable when you are first discovering and learning about drop shipping, doing market research, and looking into your home for ideas. But after you’ve chosen 30+ furniture & kitchen products you think would sell well (and they actually most likely would!), I suggest you start thinking outside the box. Not many people think about products that we keep in, but use *outside the home. To help you come up with better niche ideas, please be sure to read Anton’s 187 E-commerce niche ideas  (https://www.dropshiplifestyle.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/187-Ecommerce-Niches.pdf) and also research the following and more:

  • 5 Hobbies
  • 5 Security-related niches
  • 5 Kids-related niches 
  • 5 Elderly-related niches 
  • 5 Sports 
  • 5 Entertainment (whatever that is to you) niches
  • 5 Pain or body-related niches
  • 5 Maternity and newborn niches
  • 10 B2B niches

I highly recommend you come up with a list of strong (popular, expansive, passionate, weird or non-competitive) niche ideas that are not in the group of ideas people initially often arrive to when discovering the world of drop shipping and Google shopping. 

Tip #2: Are people passionate about your niche idea?

If you were to create and purchase a Facebook Page Post Engagement (PPE) ad for your store with your call-to-action button set to “Learn More”, would you as a reader be interested in learning more about your niche or ad? As Michael Erickson mentions in the DSL Adwords PPC course, Google PLAs optimized the DSL way really nail your 80/20 in terms of traffic to your site. Still, I personally get really excited when I hear students share niche ideas that evoke a lot of passion, as these can be more easily leveraged later on in Facebook or even Instagram ads. I honestly believe you can easily make sales with Facebook PPE or WC ads even with a more conservative niche that doesn’t evoke that much passion (by simply choosing the proper ad set interests and behaviors targeting in the Facebook Power Editor), nevertheless niches that people are passionate about are just better in my opinion.                

Tip #1: Improve the look of your website

I review many websites to analyze design, look & feel, user experience, ease of navigation, search functions, promotions and offers, and sometimes even outdated or 1990’s-looking badges & icons! What I always recommend people is to go look at the top websites in your niche and even in other niches, and write down and take screen shots of what you like, what you feel makes them look like pros. Then, instead of hiring an expansive programmer for ongoing work, list an ad on upwork.com or other similar freelancer outsourcing platforms for a 15-30$ job to implement just a few small changes on your site. The results you will get are a more professional-looking store, better optimized for conversions (perhaps via discount offers, payment plans, or a store intro/promo video), and an increase in sales. This all becomes a virtuous cycle once your credibility as a serious e-commerce store in the eyes of suppliers increases, as you will receive more product spreadsheets, which will reward you with more sales, the profits of which you can re-invest in your business to keep growing, to the point where you can remove yourself from the operation and really start living the 4-hour work week… or start another store!   


Tip #2: Think of other areas where you can offer better services

Perhaps you don’t yet have a 1-800 business phone number? Or if you do maybe you recorded your voice greeting yourself? Take note of what you hear and like when calling big companies, design a great phone greeting message, and hire a voice actor to record your phone greeting. Doing this increases your credibility in a different way. 

Don’t neglect your response rate time for customer emails, chat, or Facebook messenger messages, how polite, courteous, and knowledgeable you and your staff are over the phone with clients, or to update your product offerings with the new collections continuously being designed by your manufacturers. All this adds up to streamlining your operations for growth. 

Tip # 1: Utilize the sales channels Shopify has to offer

I see many people under-utilizing sales channels with only their online store and Facebook set-up, and although that may be all you need, adding the other ones made available to you, such as Amazon, Pinterest, Messenger or Houzz will increase your sales. All these channels operate differently (for example Amazon charges a 39.99$/month fee for listing your products on their platform, whereas Houzz has no monthly fee but takes a 15% cut from your sales), and as such deciding which products to include in which channels, in addition to publishing those products according to varying requirements, *will be extra work (hint: Amazon UPC codes), but definitely worth the time.  

Tip #2: Complete DSL’s Paid Social Traffic course

Although Google PLAs (with the campaign designs taught in DSL) + retargeting really do an efficient job at bringing to your site bottom of the sales funnel, with-credit-card-out-ready-to-purchase customers, in the same manner that having more sales channels to your store will increase your bottom line, so does expanding the reach of your advertising efforts to targeted paid social media ads. Setting your first Facebook retargeting campaign is a breeze and a great evergreen one to have (since aside from budget you don’t have to touch it), however purchasing PPE or WC ads and knowing which pixel, demographics or behaviors to choose, is another animal. Learning how the Facebook algorithm calculates your ads’ conversion rates and accordingly determines how often it should show them is key in running successful Facebook ads. It’s definitely not rocket science, but yet another reason why I recommend Drop Ship Lifestyle over other drop shipping methods like Ali Express arbitrage, as progressing through DSL by first running successful Google Product Listing Ads prepares you for the more advanced, marketing-intensive Facebook Ads. 

Tip #3: Watch or re-watch DSL retreat presentations to optimize your PLAs

  • Optimizing Google PLAs, by Michael Erickson
  • The Fast & Furious Guide to Profitable Paid Traffic, also by Michael Erickson