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Location-independent entrepreneur digital nomad

Hi my name is Vincent, my Italian family calls me Vincenzo, and my Peruvian jungle friends call me Chenzino. I left my home town of Montreal after graduating university and moved to Japan, climbing the corporate then the diplomatic ladder. Fast forward 5 years in Tokyo, then 2 more of soul-crushing bureaucratic work in Ottawa, and naturally I was off again, this time determined to never have to work in a cubicle or even corner office again. 

I’ve been diving and traveling the world for the last 6 years, however my interest in making money online dates back to over a decade ago, in the days when I was getting scammed paying for access to surveys websites..! I now run two drop shipping stores via the e-commerce platform Shopify, signing dealership agreements with real brands, and focus on growing these businesses riding the e-commerce boom. 

I purchased this blog theme several months ago with the idea of connecting with people on eco-living & eco-building-related matters, however what pushed me the other day to actually start creating it was that I’ve found myself repeating a lot of the same specific material during my e-commerce coaching calls, and figured I could make life a little easier and save time for both myself and students by organizing information here. I aim to maintain the content of this site harmoniously balanced between the worlds of digital e-commerce and earthly eco-living.

Looking forward to connecting with you from the Amazonian jungle.